Why do people celebrate Halloween?
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Why do people celebrate Halloween?

On hearing the mention of Halloween, many individuals immediately think of candy, halloween costumes and fancy dress. However, what most of these folks don’t exactly know when, where and how Halloween came to be. On the 31st of October each and every year, many children and even adults from all across the world dress in costumes celebrating Halloween. This holiday tends to bring along much hype and happiness, but what brought about this very significant day?   Well, here is pretty much anything and everything you need to know about Halloween holiday.

What exactly is Halloween?

Halloween is one of the most important holidays celebrated on the 31st of October annually all over the whole world. To most people, Halloween marks a very important time and day of the year; the transition between winter and fall. As per other customs and beliefs, this day also marks the transition between life and death. This is why this very day is characterized and defined by unique dressing codes portraying different customs and beliefs. This day is also marked by a number of activities including games, pranks and a vast collection of props used in creating haunted attractions.


A brief history of Halloween 

As much as you celebrate and enjoy Halloween, it is quite important and paramount that you are aware of this holiday’s origin and significance.  Halloween’s origin can be traced back to almost 2000 years A.D. This is the period which the pagan, or Celtic communities occupied the regions that are now U.K, Ireland and the northern part of France. This community celebrated the dawn of a new season on the amhain festival’, which was held on the 1st of November each year. This celebration marked the end of summer and the beginning of yet another cold and low winter season. This season was typically associated with negativity as it brought death and suffering. As believed by the Celts, on this day the boundary between the world of the dead and the living becomes relatively thin. This means that the dead were able to walk the land of the living and also engage the living.


All Souls’ Day

Now, during the colonial times, this Celtic land was acquired and colonized by the Romans. In a bid to eliminate this Celtic culture, the Romans had this pagan holiday combined with two other Roman festivals to form one holiday, the All Souls ’ Day celebrated on 1st of November.   The celebrations displayed and witnessed on All Souls’ Day were quite similar to those witnessed on the festival of Samhain. These holidays were characterized by significantly huge bonfires, costume dress ups, and props signifying devils and angels. The Celts dressed up in costumes that wouldn’t identify and differentiate them from the spirits and ghosts walking in this world at that particular time.    So, how did Halloween come by?  All Souls’ Day was also originally referred to as All-Hallowmas or All-Hallows. The previous night before this holiday was referred to as All-Hallows Eve. Eventually, this eve adopted a name that stuck, Halloween. Over time, the combined festivals blended and created a solid holiday; Halloween.

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