The Most Successful Concert Tours
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The Most Successful Concert Tours

While it’s nice to hear your favorite band on the radio, or even keep up with the music videos of the most lucrative artists of all time, attending one of their concerts, tends to feel more like an outer-body experience than anything else, and that’s because there’s a whole lot of adrenaline involved.

That is, apart from seeing the artist, or band, right in front of you, performing their art, doing what they do best. Whether you’re one of those crazy fans, that follows every detail of the artist at hand, or you’re so laid back about them, that you couldn’t be bothered if you walked passed them on the streets, it’s undeniable that the following most successful, and highest-grossing concerts, will have sparked an extremely big fire in your heart. Why? Well, perhaps it’s the sweat, who knows.

Thinking about seeing someone like Steven Tyler, perform on stage, however, is legendary, and just like with any other incredible artists, unreal.

The Highest-Grossing, Most Successful Concert Tours of All Time

U2 – 360-Degree Tour

As the number one performing band who’s taken the world by storm, grossing a total of $736.4 million by a single tour, U2 has left an impression on the industry. Along with their concert-ticket sales, which is the most ever to be sold in the entire world, they covered 110 shows across America, Europe, Oceania, as well as Africa.

The success of their tour was all thanks to the release and promotion of their album, ‘No Line on the Horizon“, which left fans wanting a lot more than a CD.

According to box office, the tour also sold 7.2 million tickets. Upon achieving this pinnacle of their success, it is also said that no other artist or band would ever be able to reach the same level of success with their concert-tours, as U2 did.

The Rolling Stones – A Bigger Bang

Considering they achieved the second-highest grossing concert-tour amount of ticket sales in the world, along with decades of success, we’d say they’ve earned their spot at number 2.

Looking at the numbers, they made $458.6 million with their ‘A Bigger Bang’ Tour, which is still more than a hundred-million less than U2.


Nevertheless, they surpassed any other artist/ band on the globe, and their album was recognized as their best album yet.

With 147 shows lined up, their success was, apart from their amazing music and reputation, also thanks to their tour-performances in China, which were also considered to be one of their most amazing worldwide shows yet.

Roger Waters – The Wall Live

As the number one solo artist to sell the most concert tickets worldwide, grossing a total of $458.6 million, along with 219 sows, Roger Waters, which was also the co-founding member of the very famous band, Pink Floyd.

The album, The Wall, was Pink Floyd’s album, which regardless of its success, was never performed in 20 years, after its release. It’s sure to say that the fans were waiting for this one, and given its major success, it shows.

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