Different Types of Music Genres
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Music Genres

Different Types of Music Genres

Music is something special that means something different to everyone. Music is like a memory, a form of art that was perfectly placed in our lives, at different points in time, to make us feel more than we thought we could, experience a range of emotions, evoked by an artist or band, as well as teach us what we like and love.

The same goes for the music genre you’re most attracted to.

What’s your reason for choosing a music genre? Do you feel connected to it, or does it simply inspires you?

What is a Music Genre?

A music genre is a group of different styles of music, that has a range of fundamental values, as well as sub-genres. Even though there are many different types of music within a genre, it doesn’t necessarily sound the same at all. All music is unique to a genre, even if some are blended with other genres.

Types of Genres

  • Rock – Known as one of the most famous genres, this one is used to describe many different musical styles. Initially, rock was fused together by two other popular genres, blues and country, and even specific elements of jazz. The genre was also typified and particularly recognized using the snare drum. From this incredible genre, which was developed at its peak, in the 1950’s, it also developed into many different sub-genres. These included most popularly, heavy metal, garage rock, black or death metal, jazz rock, Indie pop, pop punk, folk rock, electronic rock and many more.
  • Western Classical – First created in Europe, along with Indian classical music, western classical music is considered one of the oldest existing styles of modern music, which was also recognized as the Western style of the very famous genre, jazz. It is thus influenced by European classical music, as well as a set of melodies and renditions, which also includes a lot of improvisation.

Music pop

The Western classical music genre is categorized by medieval, renaissance classical, modern and romantic influences.

  • Blues – Much like jazz, the blues originated from African Americans and was initially structured with the use of simple lyrics and a simple tune. A simple blues song is thus open to many improvisations, as well as innovations, and has even emerged different styles within the rock music genre, allowing for many sub-genres, such as rock and jazz, to be born.
  • Country – Country music is a genre that emerged from folk songs, inspired by Southern USA in the 1920’s. It contained different elements of countries such as Italy, Germany, Ireland, and African countries and primarily includes the use of string instruments, excluding the harmonica, of course. Much like the blues, country also has a very basic three-chord arrangement of different songs, which are considered important elements of the early recordings of these genres.
  • Jazz – Developed in the African-American culture of the U.S, jazz is considered the classical version of blues, and with its African influence, there is much emphasis placed on improvisation.

The genre is performed by various musicians, whom mostly play their instruments with each other. Jazz is often recognized as a blend of the blues and classical music, but it, sure enough, does have a unique twist of its own.


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